A memorable summer wedding celebrating love & special moments at Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur

A beautiful summer wedding spent at Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur for these lovebirds. After spending the day relaxing & keeping things mellow, Melinda & her now hubby tied the knot! To say the day was magical is an understatement! Every detail from the table scape, to the yummy treats didn’t skip a beat. The love, passion & fun they have together shines through in the photos!

Big Sur Beach Side Wedding

A simple table scape & the ocean backdrop at Pfeiffer Beach set the mood for a romantic wedding day experience

Being able to help design a table scape for this memorial day in Big Surr was a dream come true. My goal when working with this couple was to create a cozy space that enhanced the colors of gold hour. Every moment of this wedding was pure gold, even despite the big winds and crazy California weather. It’s important to remember we are working with Mother Nature, and not everything will go perfectly according to plan.

At the end of the day, all that matter is 2 have now become 1

When your with the one you love, taking picture is easy!

After spending time overlooking the water the couple explored Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur and took adventure photos. Running through the ocean along the coats and holding hands both Bride and Groom felt at ease in front of the camera. I love being able to watch and experience these special moments between all my couples!

If your not from California and you’re looking for a laid back Beach for your wedding, Pfeiffer Beach is a great option. The beach and ocean views are stunning. Parking is easily accessible and a short walk to the water and restrooms are on site.

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Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur Bride and Groom


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Summer wedding at Pfeiffer Beach Big Sur