If you’ve been dreaming of planning your outdoor wedding in Tuscany Italy…keep reading!

Couples often dream of having their outdoor wedding in Tuscany, Italy along side rolling hills and beautifully filled grape vineyards. Can you blame them, its definitely a site worth seeing!

This region of Italy is truly a dream and provides the most perfect backdrop for any Italian inspired wedding. Hometown Gatherings, a wedding planning company based in California worked hard to create a fresh and light micro wedding set in the vineyards under the sun.

wedding table reception

Planning your Intimate outdoor wedding

Planning a wedding from afar may seem like a scary task. Lucky for you, now a days the internet makes just about anything possible. Head to any search engine such as Instagram, Pinterest, personal blog posts, or even Youtube to scope out your dream wedding venues or wedding vendors and get your search on!

As a wedding planner, on of my favorite modern day search engines is instagram. You can find almost anything you need and gain good insight from a very diverse crowd. Before you even touch ground in your dream destination, you’ll be able to truly feel like you’ve toured the venue and met the team.

In case you need it, here’s a *HINT* check out the tagged photos, this is a big help!

bride and groom in Italian vineyard

Finding your perfect wedding planner

Regardless of the wedding you plan, it is 100% my advice to work with a planner that understands your vision and that you mesh well with! I mean, on your wedding day how horrible would it be to feel uncomfortable? I aways tell my clients, make sure you can have a fun, easy and relaxed conversation with your vendors BEFORE you book & lock them in. If I were getting married, I would want a team in place that I know would calm my nerves and help to put me at ease when feeling stressed.

Although you might not know where to start, here are a few things for you to think about when planning your wedding abroad. If you’re getting married in France, you will find yourself working with difference timezones, language barriers, and even conversion rate differences. This can be hard to work around with vendors based in the location of your wedding. My advice to you is to find a wedding planner based near you, and allow them to deal with the tricky components. I mean… Thats why you hire the professionals!

How far in advanced to book your Wedding Planner

Although you might not have the time, I recommend to start your search about 1 – 1.5 years out from your wedding date. When beginning the planning phase, be sure to ask your possible wedding planner a few very important questions…

  • Are you familiar with the location of where I’m planning my wedding?
  • What is your total cost? What is and what is NOT included in this price?
  • Share your wedding vision and your wedding budget… Then, ask if these 2 things align
  • What forms of communication do you offered and how will our communication work?
Tuscan wedding deocr

Nonetheless, planning a wedding without a wedding planner is well… just CRAZY! Whether you’r near or far, planning abroad or in your own backyard, do you research and plan ahead.

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Outdoor wedding in the vineyards of Tuscany, Italy