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If i'm being honest, I don't think theres a place in this world I wouldn't go... especially for you!

hometown gatherings was created as a safe space for couples when seeking guidance after getting engaged. Its important to me, when working with my forever new friends that they feel NO pressure, little stress & comfortable to ask the uncomfortable questions. 

home isn't a place, but rather a feeling created between 2 people. 

i'm here to help you navigate through the messy, fun & real wedding planning experiences. I'm not joking when i say, this is about to be your best adventure yet.

let me do my job & guide you through this process... seamlessly!

i can't wait to get to know you & hear all about your wedding plans! whether you're dreaming of an intimate destination wedding for 40 of your closest friends & family or longing to elope, i’ve got you covered!


started 9-5 work life, ran my first wedding


Moved to Napa, worked in event operations


The events industry was struck hard by Covid and I knew the world was shifting. This seemed like the perfect time to start something new.

I still remember the day I decided to make this life a reality. I was 30,000 ft above sea level (obviously traveling!) & headed out on my next adventure. It was on that airplane that I felt the overwhelming amount of confidence I needed to make my own dreams come true. 


& became a Mrs, Im engaged! 

While doing what I love most the concept behind HOMETOWN GATHERINGS was created. This was in March of 2020 & a few short months later, the business was a done deal! 

Hometown Gatherings was created with the sole intent of helping those out of the box lovers, the risk takers and couples who thrive on authentically bringing their wildest and most daring wedding dreams to life.  

created Hometown Gatherings

I graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Hospitality Management & was ready to dive into my career. I got a typical 9-5 office job working in the corporate events world. I spent 2 years here and soon realized I wasn't happy. I loved working with people and making great events happen, but the setting wasn't a good fit. This same year I had a friend reach out & ask me to help her coordinate her dream rustic wedding. I had literally no idea what I was getting into, but I was DOWN for the challenge

After finding my strengths running events, I moved to Napa, CA to work as an event operations manager. I spent almost 1 year in this position before covid hit and I lost my job. During my 'covid vacation' I experienced A LOT of personal loss, and knew I had to reevaluate my life and more specifically, my career. I can remember sitting down making a list of MUST haves & items I wouldn't compromise on when moving forward in my life. Work life balance, family time, positive client interaction, I wanted to be me & work with people who appreciated me! It sounded simple but I knew finding this 'magical' position would take time.

I officially celebrated 1 year as a Biz owner! It wasn't easy but the rewards have been unlike anything I have ever experienced. This business has taken me all over California to plan amazing intimate weddings. I love that I can use my talents to connect with like minded couples & build such unique experiences. 

My fiancé and I met at our freshman orientation for college - GO SPARTANS! It wasn’t until a year after college we reconnected and the rest became history. After all those weekend getaways, endless coffee dates at the park and 5 years later, we are engaged! This wedding planner gets to plan her own wedding!!!

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5 things you didn't already know about me

Dark chocolate & Ice coffee make for the perfect combo at any time of day, including 10pm at night!  

I have 2 miniature dachshunds, Scout + Dottie girl. If you would have told me 8 years ago that I'd have 2 Weiner dogs, I would have laughed & never believed you.. Things change! 

My perfect outfit includes combat books, an oversized sweater & a wide brim hat.. Easy, casual, but still put together! 

My love for travel sparked in college when I decided to study abroad in Ireland over summer break. My favorite way to experience a new city is on foot. Getting lost, exploring new cultures & reading paper maps. I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Nashville has my heart. One day I'll have a second home there, I promise! 

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On your wedding day this I vow to you…

I pledge to support each and everyone one of my couples in their quest to create a wedding that many would never dream to be true. I promise to always help embrace the edgy, the bold & the fearless personalities & cheer alongside while coordinating your wedding day dreams. Together, we will create a wedding that is the perfect presentation of your passionate and daring love. "I'll be good to you always, I give you my word of honor”


Q: How far do you travel & Is it included in the price?

Travel is an additional fee, added onto each service. The fee is dependent on the location of your wedding. If you're looking to get married within California, or travel the world - I'm in! 

Q: How does payment work?

To book & reserve your wedding weekend with me, a non-refundable deposit is required at the time of signing. The remaining payments are broken up into small portions, spread throughout the time of our work together. The final payment is due 1 week before your event. 

Q:Who will be my direct contact on the day of my wedding?

When you hire Hometown Gatherings for your wedding needs, you work directly with me! I am the one you will chat with on your first consultation call, the one you will hear from just before the planning phase begins, and the one who will help you wrap up the night on wedding day! 

Q:What isn’t included in your wedding packages? What do I need to do on my own?

My services do not include booking or processing your vendor fees. If you are in need of suggestions + connecting you with top notch vendors, that I can do! 

Q:Do you provide ceremony rehearsal in your services?

If you have booked an intimate wedding, the rehearsal coordination can be added on as an a la carte item. If you are getting married and interested in a destination wedding, the rehearsal coordination is included!

Q: What is your typical process for working with a new couple?

Step 1: Let’s schedule a consultation call! 
Step 2: 1-2 Months before wedding day, we will begin our communication
Step 3: Prior to our first planning call, I will request all your vendor information, contracts & any additional notes you have gathered over the last few months of planning
Step 4: Planning call. This conversation begins our process together & allows us to break down your timeline & discuss what is needed to tie up any loose ends 
Step 5: Every week (or so!) up until wedding day we will schedule a call to touch base, chat, and go over new updates 

Q: Do you provide wedding venue recommendations?

If you haven't found your dream location just yet, don't freak out! Together we can discuss your wedding needs and determine what type of venue, or non venue, is the perfect fit for your wedding experience. Hey, maybe you just need the reassurance that an at home on your 100+ acre property is right for you!