Are you recently engaged & don’t know where to start? 
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To keep things simple: Define your budget, determine a rough head count, pick a timeframe, and narrow down a city or general area where you want to host your wedding.

All of these basic factors will play a big part in your overall wedding cost.

1. Don’t Rush, DO Celebrate!

Enjoy the entire season of getting married and being engaged. When I say ‘Season’ just know that time flies and each step in the process before wedding day will fly by faster than you can even imagine 

I mean come on, your engaged! Pop a bottle of bubbles and enjoy yourself

2. Let’s Talk budget

DO NOT… I REPEAT DO NOT start putting money down and paying vendors without any type of budget or clear strategy

Money can be a sticky topic to discuss. But let’s face it, hosting the wedding you want is going to cost money. I recommend having a conversation to understand & be 100% clear on where the money to pay for this wedding is coming from. Understanding a budget means having an allocated amount of funds to each portion of your wedding before you even inquire with a vendor

3. Make your invite list & Set Expectations

Make a list, check it twice and edit it 3 times! Yup. I said it, everyone you thought you needed to invite, does not actually need to be on the list. An OBLIGATORY invite.. Cross them off the list! Once you have a final headcount, you can guesstimate about 85% of them to say yes & show up

people, but only want to spend $15,000, understand that you might have to compromise. At this point you will understand that either more $$$ is needed, you’ll have to go back and edit that invite list, or you understand that your budget will only go so far

Just Remember – There is no right or wrong way to get married.
At the end of the day, it’s about enjoying the process and making decisions along the way that are the most YOU 
The day is going to be amazing – Take a deep breath and be honest with yourself about what it is YOU want your wedding day to look like 
YOU deserve to ditch the pressure & stress and honor who you are with a wedding that speaks to you!

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How to plan a wedding, stress free