learn how to afford the wedding planner

It’s very possible that when you think about hiring the wedding planner, you also think to yourself, is that even necessary? Many couples believe that this role at a wedding seems like an added cost that isn’t needed… Like it’s an added perk for a fancy fee – I get it

But, The BEST wedding planners don’t just make your event look great. They make sure all the operations and logistics for your day are pre planned and executed to the highest standards possible. They simply make your day memorable and allow couples to forget about the stress the wedding & the wedding planning process can bring.

Let me help you understand the importance of a hiring the wedding planner and how you can stay on budget at the same time.

1.The wedding planner will actually save you time & money

At the end of the day, time is money. And let’s be real, your life doesn’t stop and give you new spare time to plan a wedding. Many times when couples are in the wedding planning process they are still working full time jobs, managing house holds & have full plates. Luckily, hiring a planner helps to ease this major pain.

When you hire a professional, they are the ones who bring experience to the table. This is their full time job & they are use to managing the roles of a wedding. This factor of time & money that might want to deter you from hiring the wedding planner might cost you more in the long run. Not only in the months leading up to the wedding, but also on the day of the wedding, your GO TO WEDDING PRO will be the one to take on responsibilities that the couple shouldn’t have to.

2. When in doubt the wedding planner has your back

It’s no surprise that during your wedding planning process you will talk and encounter many different vendors. If you hire a planner, they will be able to give you vendor recommendations, negotiate contracts for you, an help to determine where you are able to cut costs.

In addition, the wedding planner will likely become a florist, a server, a bartender or even a Dj at some point in your event. When the florist leaves but forgets to decorate your cake, the wedding planner will step up. When its time for your toasts and your Dj needs assistance to hand off the microphone, the wedding planner will step up. If dinner is ready and its time to clear plates for the next course, the wedding planner will step up.

All in all, the planner is an extra pair of hands on your wedding day. They will not let things slip through the cracks. They have your back and they make sure to be the ones to over communicate every to all your vendors.

Wedding cake

3. Wedding day things to go without

Have you ever considered cutting back, or swapping out some wedding day items?

Do you need the top shelf bar package or can you still have a Kick A** wedding with the standard package? For the sake of a seamless wedding day, with a wedding planner in hand its seems like a no brainer!

Here are a few items you can go without or down size on in order to make sure you stay on budget

  • Repurpose your wedding florals
  • Cut down on the wedding invites
  • Opt for a menu at a budget friendly price
  • Go with a DJ rather than live music
  • Instead of a full service bar, host beer + wine only

Do you think you can afford the wedding planner of your dreams now? When you hire a wedding planner you will truly be able to enjoy the wedding planning process and trust that on wedding day, the wedding planner will execute 100% to your standards.

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How to afford the wedding planner & stay on budget